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Dirt Race Empty Dirt Race

Post by Admin on Wed Mar 19, 2008 6:35 pm

Experience the terrain of WRC track in the race, but now you see no racers but robots. A muddy track will be provided so race and top the podium.

Rules and specifications:

1. Maximum size of robot 20x20x20 cms
2. Team should contain a maximum of 2 members.
3. Only One member from a team can drive the robot.
4. Teams should get their own batteries and maximum of 12 volts.
5. NO exchange of robots will be allowed.
6. Remote can be wired or wireless.
7. Wire must be held slag which makes the controller consistent by standing out side the track and controlling.
8. Width of the track will be 35cms. (excluding regions near the turning point)
9. The track is not smooth .
10. Dirt in the road. The track will be shown on the day.


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